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Data Analytics with Excel and SQL

This course is unlike anything I have encountered before. The bite-sized video lectures make the courses not only manageable, but actually enjoyable. You can take them as fast or as slow as your schedule permits. I love the detail Robert puts into each video and how you can follow along, so that you learn through practice as opposed to some traditional boring lecture that you will forget the next day. I am huge fan and have refreshed myself on various Analytical Concepts. Robert’s courses are like drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day! You will feel rejuvenated and your mind will approach analytics in your industry in a whole new light. 
J.Schwartz, Controller, NYC

Go from Accounting to Analytics in 6 Hours.

Transaction Data Analytics
with Excel and SQL

Self-Paced, Online Course

Learn to turn raw transaction data…

into powerful analytics, in seconds.

What will this course do for you?

There is a massive, unfilled need for analytics and insights reporting for SMBEs. Accountants are uniquely positioned to fill this growing talent gap. Learn how to turn data files or extracts from any transaction system into cool information.  Automate the data extraction process using SQL queries. In this unique course you will learn by watching the instructor actually perform every operation step-by-step using transaction data from a real business. Learn to extract insights that lead to innovative plans and brilliant decisions.  Create reports and analysis that impress and get you noticed.

Why learn to work with transaction level data?

While Accounting focuses on aggregating data, Analytics is all about getting more granular analysis. At the most detailed level of recording, data can reveal behavioral patterns that remain hidden in the typical Profit and Loss.  Finance and Accounting professionals that can explain pro-forma results by exposing the true underlying drivers of performance will prosper in this era of Data Science.

Specifically designed for those who want to master the next level of Excel analytics skills.

The failure of many Excel training courses is their inability to connect tools and techniques to on-the-job scenarios. In this course you will only work with data, examples and exercises from a real consulting scenario. The entire course is taught using our proprietary transaction data file. This course focuses on the tools and techniques that are required for you to be successful at extracting and manipulating raw transaction data and converting it into actionable intelligence.

Go from Analysis to Analytics

Lead in the Era of Analytics! This course is for those who need to master the process of manipulating tables of business data to extract insights that lead to great business decision making.  It is the only course available that uses real transactions data to teach advanced Excel techniques and the SQL query basics.

Profit from the Analytics Talent Gap

Storytelling with data has now surpassed every other form of business communication. From Administrative Assistants to Data Scientists, Excel is still, by far, the most popular platform for intelligence discovery and dissemination. This course is for those who need to master the process of manipulating tables of raw business data to extract insights that lead to great decisions. In the era of Big Data awareness, this is now the demanded skill set in every type of organization, both large and small.

Start any time. Finish whenever. Come back forever.

6+ Hours of pre-recorded, on-demand video | Self-Paced | Downloadable Excel Templates
No Time Limit Lifetime Availability | No exams | Certificate of Completion

Who is already taking this course?

Accountants and CPAs | Finance Managers | Analysts | Marketing Managers | Tax Professionals
Bookkeepers | Sales Managers | Admins | Operations Analysts 

Sample Lesson:  Array Functions – A Data Analyst’s Best Friend

Learn from a Seasoned Data Analyst


Hi I am Robert Hernandez and I want to teach you everything I know and help you avoid all of the mistakes that I have made. It took me 15 years of learning Excel and SQL the hard way and 10 years doing analysis for every type of business to become a transaction Data Analyst for any industry.  In this course I have condensed everything you need to know into 6 hours of easy training. I teach you the skills that you will use every day and don’t waste your time with stuff that is never used.

I am expert in the field of mathematical Optimization and Analytics. I have spent the last 17 years building data-driven forecasting and optimization models, mostly in Excel, for companies in over 20 different industries, from tech to tourism. I have a very unique skill set including cross-disciplinary experience, advanced mathematical and analytics skills, data transformation, industry-specific knowledge and business-process improvement expertise. I began his career at the Walt Disney Company in Revenue Planning. Read More+

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You will learn:

Excel Data Tables
Importing RAW Data
Format as Table
Table Column Sort
Excel Table Total Row
Multiple Criteria Table Filtering
Excel Table Cell Reference
Insert and Delete Table Rows and Columns
Naming Excel Tables
Filter Table Column

Data Cleaning & Transformation
MONTH formula
WEEKDAY formula
Intro to IF function
IFERROR function
MID function
VLOOKUP function
LEFT and RIGHT functions
More Date Functions
Date and Time in Excel
CEILING and FLOOR formulas
ROUND formulas

Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
A Simple Pivot Table
Introduction to Pivot Tables
GROUP Pivot Labels
Adding More Pivot Dimensions
Changing Pivot Chart Type
More Value Field Settings
Multi-Dimension Pivot Chart
Simple Pivot Chart
Pivot Table Formatting
Calculated Fields
Value Field Settings
Referencing a Pivot Table
Pivot Table Drill Down
Slicers with Pivot Charts
More Excel Chart Formatting
Formatting any Excel Chart
Pivot Table Report Filter

Statistical Functions
QUARTILE function
Minimum and Maximum function
Standard Deviation function
COUNT function
SUM function
AVERAGE function

Nested and Criteria Functions
AVERAGEIF function
COUNTIF function
SUMIF function
SUMIFS function
Nested Functions

Array Functions
MAXIF Array function
QUARTILE IF Array function
STDEV IF Array function
STDEVIFS Array function
MINIF Array function
MINIFS and MAXIFS Array functions
QUARTILEIFS Array function
Non-exact criteria filters

Simple PMS Schema
Important Definitions
Relational Database
UI and Database

MS Query
MS Query of Excel files
MS Query Table View
MS Query Wizard

SQL Basics
What is SQL?
Types of SQL

SQL Formulas


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I can’t begin to tell you how engaging these courses are. I have a number of Excel workbooks I have built on my own by extracting raw data and so far this course has shed new light on how I can improve them and my thought processes.
Mark Grossman, Director of Revenue

Master the most demanded skills in the Analytics era.

Understand Data Tables – Relational Data – Creating Data Tables – Manipulating Data Tables – Referencing – The IF function

Transforming Raw Data – Error Functions – Text Functions – Join and Logic Functions – Date Functions Rounding Functions

Bringing Raw Data into Excel – Working across Excel files – Get live data from a database – Get data from the web – Get data from an Excel file – Automating data retrieval

Visual Analytics  Table Multisort OLAP – Creating Pivot Tables Pivot Table Calculations Pivot Charts Data Slicers

Great Spreadsheet Design – Data Validation – Conditional Formatting – Macros Security –  Spreadsheet Design

Granular Analysis of Data – Criteria Functions – Nested Functions – Lookup Functions – Array Formulas  Creating Advanced Formulas

This Excel course taught me useful insights on how to look at real-live data from any system.  Not only can I now make better use of historical data, but I can do a variety of analysis that allows me to optimize.  With Robert’s professional way of explaining the course material during the different modules, this became the best way of understanding the material and allowing me the opportunity to practice on my own.
Nicolas Heeger, Analyst

Why You Need This Course?

  • Learn to extract data, understand it, process it, visualize it.
  • Learn how to create Real-time reports from any transaction system.
  • Build your own models.
  • Learn how to apply Excel’s statistical tools to any data set.
  • Acquire the ability to summarize large data sets using SQL techniques.
  • Understand the data structure behind transaction database systems.


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100% Money-back Guaranteed by Paypal

Verifiable Certificate of Completion Included